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Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists

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The Association of Finger Style Guitarists is a group dedicated to the celebration of finger style guitar playing in the spirit of Meryl Travis, Chet Atkins and many others. Gathering to play and teach finger style guitar to others, the discovery and promotion of different finger style guitar techniques, and providing performance opportunities for all members are a special focus of the AFG organization.

Guitarist Gary Lambert

Our membership is a congenial mix of fingerstyle guitar enthusiasts who range from beginning players, casual hobbyists, budding performers, to many of the most awesome fingerpickers the planet earth has ever known. You might just recognize a name or two in the following partial list of current honorary members: Chet Atkins, CGP. (Chet tops everyone's list), Ric Ickard, Muriel Anderson, Al Bruno, Steve Trovato, Edgar Cruz, Doyle Dykes, Tommy Emmanuel, CGP, Laurence Juber, Gary Lambert, Al Meyers, Jim Nichols, Michael O'Dorn, Darrell Owens, George Sabolick, Bob Saxton, SGP, Richard Smith, David Oakes and Guy Van Duser.